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The establishment of Randfontein Oval Raceway was founded by the legendary racer – Anton Coetzee (brother of current owner Deon Coetzee), who was known for racing V8 Sprints.

Early in 1996 Anton Coetzee approached Christo Blaauw – The owner of the farm at the time on which Randfontein Oval Raceway is currently located about the possibility of testing his race car before racing. Christo agreed to this and scraped a piece of land which has become the well-known Randfontein Oval Raceway. A Sunday in October 1996, this farm became the home of Dirt Oval Track Racing in Randfontein on which Anton was the first to drive.

The enthusiasm amongst the public was overwhelming whereby a decision was made that there would be races the following Sunday. From then on, years later the track has become well known worldwide with numerous competitors, where Regional and South African Championships have been hosted.

Since 1996, Deon and Marié Coetzee have been involved as the promoters of Randfontein Oval Raceway, since 2007 they became the owners of the track which hosts races under the WOMZA affiliation. Marilize Coetzee daughter of Deon and Marié has taken a lead role as promotor, secretary and marketer of Randfontein Oval Raceway in 2018.  Every third Saturday there are events hosted whereby the 1660’s, 2100’s, Supers (Hotrods), Stockrods, Flexi’s, Midgets, Quads and Kiddies Classes compete. V8 Sprints also participate regularly. Races for beginners are also offered, where young and old have the opportunity to test their talents and start a possible career.

Popular names, such as Ben Morgenrood, Roelf du Plessis and Mackie Adlam, among many others originate from Randfontein. Therefore Randfontein has become popular amongst spectators as well as racers in neighbouring towns.

The existence of this track is all thanks to Anton Coetzee who simply just wanted a piece of ground to test his cars before racing… Thank you Anton!

Upcoming Events

BMW Spinning - 9 February 2019

Chucky @Randfontein on the 9th March

BMW Spinning - 9 February 2019



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